Molly Hartle

Site Editor


Molly is in love with everything about online casinos and has been for many years. She started writing about gambling in early 2015 and is still doing so to this date. Molly has been a site editor for five years and is currently managing routine tasks. Gambling is something she does on a regular basis. She loves to travel, and she loves getting her weekly adrenalin rush, which is why gambling suits her perfectly. It’s also worth adding that Molly has a background from the University of Winsdrow.

I have been working as a website editor for five years now and I enjoy every working day. I’m quite a fan of online casino as it helps me to cheer up during my routine tasks. It also brings in a certain amount of adrenaline which is close to my nature as I love travelling.

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Please turn your device for the best gameplay
Please turn your device for the best gameplay
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