Keno Online in Ontario 2023

Keno is a Chinese lottery-style game. You'll find that Keno's regulations are remarkably similar to those of other lotto games. Choose a set of numbers and cross your fingers that some will appear in a random collection of results. Want to learn more helpful information about keno online in Ontario? Right now, we'll look at how to play Keno online, what strategies to follow, what rules to follow, and what variations of Keno exist.

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How We Review Online Keno Games

Finding a trustworthy online casino to play keno online for real money might take a lot of work. We know what to look for with hundreds of online casinos tested and played. To pass our approval process, a keno online casino must meet several stringent requirements, such as:

  1. Promotions and Bonuses

    Promotions and Bonuses

    Our top-rated casinos Keno online in Ontario include great ways to increase your bankroll, such as generous welcome bonuses for new customers and ongoing player prizes and promotions. But, of course, we also read the fine print to ensure that the bonus terms are understandable and the wagering requirements are reasonable.

  2. Licensing and Compliance

    Licensing and Compliance

    All the Casinos online keno for real money in Ontario we recommend are vetted to ensure they meet the standards set by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. Avoid giving your personal information or money to suspicious sites by only playing at reputable, licensed online casinos.

  3. Game Variety

    Game Variety

    While playing online keno for real money, it's nice to have several options from reputable software developers. Therefore, in addition to the keno game, we look at other games offered by each site, such as online slot games, table games, and live dealer options, when making our recommendations.

  4. Usability on Mobile Devices

    Usability on Mobile Devices

    The greatest Keno casinos online should work equally well on desktop and mobile. So if you want to play Keno on the go, any of the casinos we suggest will have what you're looking for, whether a mobile-friendly web client or a dedicated app.

  5. Ways to Make a Payment

    Ways to Make a Payment

    It is essential to have many banking alternatives available when deciding on a online casino payment for making deposits and withdrawals at your preferred online Keno casino. Therefore, our team analyses the casino's transaction limits, processing times, and associated transaction costs in addition to the casino's selection of payment options.

  6. Support for Customers

    Support for Customers

    The availability of customer support is crucial in case of any issues or inquiries. Live chat, phone, and email assistance are standard amenities at the finest Keno Ontario casinos. We use every conceivable method to get in touch with support to guarantee the best possible response time and level of service from the online Keno real-money casinos we highlight.

How to Play Keno Online

Play keno in Ontario is fun so here are the steps to follow if you wish to try your luck in this game.

  1. Choose to play keno online for money

    Choose to play keno online for money. If you're having trouble getting started, try out a few rounds of Keno at one of the recommended online casinos

  2. You get to pick the dice rolls

    You get to pick the dice rolls. Picking 1–20 numbers from the Keno grid is usually allowed. It is entirely up to you to decide how many. However, remember that the bigger your percentage of correct numbers, the larger your payment will be

  3. Set your draw bet amount

    Set your draw bet amount. Use the up and down arrows to the right of your current wager to alter your wager

  4. Select how many games you'd like to participate in

    After that, you'll be asked to select how many games you'd like to participate in. To illustrate, let's say you want to play five games with a C$1 stake in each of your numbers

  5. If you won once the winning numbers are drawn

    You will know if you won once the winning numbers are drawn. The program will choose as many integers as possible, marking them all with an X or checkmark. The total number of winning numbers will determine the payout

Keno Rules

Keno Rules

Even though the keno online game is simple, reviewing the rules is always a good idea. When playing, remember these essential aspects of the game.

  1. There are 80 possible selections on the Keno board, but only 20 will be drawn. The same range of available numbers from 1 to 20, as determined by the casino, is often between 15 and 20
  2. Some gambling establishments will let you wager on as little as one number, while others may insist that you wager on a minimum of two numbers to play online Keno for real money casino in Ontario
  3. A Keno casino game must begin before you may check your winnings while playing for real money at an actual casino. When playing games online, you may decide when they start

The Best Online Keno Strategy

While games like poker and bingo at online casinos have established statistical tactics for winning, Keno does not. Playing online Keno, however, can allow for some strategic moves:

  • Multi-Race Cards

    Multi-Race Cards

    Players of multi-race cards can choose a starting number or a combination of starting numbers that will be used in several games. This eliminates the temptation to swap off digits between games or add more after suffering defeat.

  • Betting Strategy

    Betting Strategy

    Know how much money you have available to wager. Bet only with fake money if you can't afford to lose it because the house advantage in Keno is very significant. Weigh the potential benefits against the possible drawbacks. Choose a comfortable wagering amount, and stick to it. Take out your winnings.

  • Beware the Gambler's Fallacy

    Beware the Gambler's Fallacy

    The Gambler's Fallacy is the mistaken assumption that luck can be predicted. For instance, the odds of a number being drawn in the next game are affected by its appearance in the previous round. Remember that Keno is wholly based on chance. The numbers are picked at random when you play Keno at a legitimate online casino.

Our Top Tips for Online Keno

We've already established that Keno is primarily a game of chance, with little room for skill. However, you can still take measures to maximize your enjoyment of each game. Here are our four best pieces of advice for improving your Keno skills.

  • Use the same sequence of numbers each time

    Use the same sequence of numbers each time

    Knowing what numbers keep cropping up might help you organize your life. To improve your chances of winning, try combining high and low numbers

  • Look at the payment schedule first

    Look at the payment schedule first

    Payouts increase with each casino's proportion of winnings, although all sites that provide actual money Keno do so. Check the payouts for the different betting possibilities at your preferred Keno casino before you commit to a wager

  • Play Keno and cash in on the bonuses they provide!

    Play Keno and cash in on the bonuses they provide!

    When you sign up with a casino, you might expect a welcome bonus that will give you a leg up in Keno and other games

  • Take good care of your money

    Take good care of your money

    If you're prepared, you can avoid losing more than you can afford. Don't go all-in on the first round; consider how many games you want to play and make your bets appropriately

Online Keno Variations

  • Single Card Keno

    Single Card Keno

    The game of Single Card Keno is a one-time event in which players choose their desired numbers for a single round. Your winnings are returned to you, and a new game begins immediately after.

  • Multi-Card Keno

    Multi-Card Keno

    In Multi-Card Keno, your numbers are used in many games rather than just one (e.g. 4-Card Keno or 20-Card Keno). There are at least two more rounds of play with the same bets and numbers. The stakes are higher in this kind of Keno, but the potential payout is greater if you get the jackpot.

  • Power Keno

    Power Keno

    Power Keno improves upon standard Keno in only one fundamental respect, which is significant! If the 20th ball drawn is a match for one of your numbers, your prize money will be multiplied by four. This increases the thrill of the game and can drastically alter a player's luck on the last number drawn.

  • Super Keno

    Super Keno

    Super Keno, sometimes known as Fire Power Keno, operates similarly, except that first-ball winners are multiplied by four instead of twenty. The choice between Power Keno and Super Keno comes down to personal preference, with the same amount of excitement guaranteed at either conclusion of the game.

  • Progressive Jackpot Keno

    Progressive Jackpot Keno

    Bonus Keno, developed by NetEnt, is one of the few Keno games with a progressive prize. In progressive jackpot games, the award accumulates with each wager and is paid out randomly or after a bonus round.

Offline vs Online Keno

Keno can be played both online and at brick-and-mortar casinos, it’s up to players ti decide. Here are some pros of each mode of playing.

Offline vs Online Keno
Offline Keno Online Keno
The complete casino atmosphere Play Keno on your mobile device
Reduced competition Overall, Keno has a reduced house advantage
Land-based casinos' availability declines Access to Keno games anytime, anywhere

The Quick History of Keno

Keno's founding story is one of the most intriguing of any casino game, and for good reason: it's shrouded in mystery, myth, fact, and everything in between. There is a place for tales of emperors, battles, railways, and races.

  1. From China Outward

    From China Outward

    The game of Keno was initially documented in ancient China when it was played with a set of 120 Chinese characters. While Cheung Leung was in power during the Han dynasty, he encouraged the populace to play the game to raise tax revenue to pay for the dynasty's military efforts. Eventually, Keno taxes financed the construction of the Great Wall of China.

  2. Relocating to the United States of America

    Relocating to the United States of America

    Many Chinese immigrants rushed to the West Coast of the United States in the 1800s in hopes of finding railroad jobs. When they relocated to San Francisco, they brought Keno with them, but Americans were baffled by the strange characters. Because of this, they were eventually supplanted with numerals.

  3. 20th Century

    20th Century

    Due to a legal gap, betting was sanctioned, but lotteries were not. Since Keno was illegal as a lottery, the owners changed the name to Racehorse Keno and claimed it was a racing game. In Keno, the drawing is known as the "race," and the numbers on the card correspond to horses. Even now, you may hear this word used in casinos.

  4. Today


    Even though online gambling is gradually replacing traditional forms of betting, Keno is still very much alive and well. The most excellent online casinos provide Keno games so good that even Emperor Cheung Leung would be impressed.

Top 3 Casinos for Real Money Keno Ontario

  • Spin Casino

    Spin Casino

    Within the past several years, Spin Casino has established itself as a leading online casino. Thanks to their dedication to providing the greatest games possible and some impressive promos, they've built a package that can compete with any online casino and offer a keno game too.

  • DraftKings Casino

    DraftKings Casino

    DraftKings has a deep understanding of the needs of today's gambling enthusiasts, as seen by the sophistication of its software and the breadth of its bonus and promotion offerings. DraftKings offers a wide variety of entertaining activities, including some that are available nowhere else, such as slot machines and live dealer games, as well as keno.

  • Bwin


    If you're looking for a top-notch gambling platform with a wide variety of games, including keno, slots, blackjack, live dealer, roulette, baccarat, and more, then go no further than Bwin Casino. Moreover, when it comes to slots, Bwin mostly provides games from cutting-edge, original creators. Most visitors also like the extensive selection of other games and the high level of service they receive at this world-class casino.

Keno Online Bonuses

To assist you in getting started with more money and having a better time gaming, online casinos provide a variety of casino bonuses. Please take advantage of these because they are beneficial to all players. Our recommended Keno casinos offer some of the finest bonuses and the lowest wagering requirements.

Deposit Options for Keno Games

These are the most dependable and popular deposit options for online Keno games.

  • Visa Cards

    Visa Cards

    This is a typical deposit option for online casinos. Central Canadian banks provide VISA debit, credit, and prepaid cards. Since Visa is accepted in more than 150 countries, this is the most convenient method for funding your online casino account.

  • MasterCard


    The online casino accepts deposits from three different cards, much like VISA. Use a credit card, debit card, or prepaid card. However, unlike Visa users, MasterCard users cannot cash out their casino winnings.

  • Instadebit


    This is another simple and quick option for funding your casino account. It enables fast deposits and payouts. But other deposit options need too much paperwork and take too long to get the money.

  • Paysafecard


    This banking option is also often used for making deposits at online gambling establishments. It's a prepaid plastic card that may be used for online and in-store transactions. Its primary benefit is that it does not necessitate disclosing private financial and identity data.

Keno Glossary

Keno doesn’t seem like a hard game to play but still, you must be aware of certain terminology that will help you better understand its rules and strategies.

Keno Glossary
Keno Term Definition
Aggregate Limit The sum the casino is required to pay out in one hand of play. Participants may have to settle for smaller payouts if this cap is hit. Because Keno's potential prizes are so big, the casino must provide this option.
Balls Set of eighty numbered ping pong balls. A random drawing decides the winners of each Keno round. These are essential to Keno, like the wheel in roulette or the dice in craps.
Bankroll The amount of money in a player's Keno account.
Bet The sum of a player's wagers on a single Keno ticket during a single game.
Caller The person working at the casino announces the winning Keno numbers.
Closed This is the tense moment before the Keno ball draw. When the casino is closed, no additional tickets may be issued for the game.
Draw Each Keno round has a "draw," or selection, of twenty of the game's balls. Here, you can see the winning numbers.
Field Unlabelled circles on a blank map.
Flashboard The computerised readout reveals the winning combination.
Goose Slang word for the machine that shuffles and then draws the Keno balls. The number of other players who need more familiarity with this crucial concept may surprise you.
Hit Slang denoting a favourable position. You win the round if one of your locations is the same number as the one drawn for it.
House The casino, in slang.
House Edge The long-term estimated rate at which a casino may keep a certain percentage of money wagered on every particular bet. A strong house edge benefits the casino at the expense of the players. The house edge in Keno is around 30%, which is significantly larger than the odds in most other casino games.
Mark To designate which digits on a Keno ticket are "spots," this symbol is included—typically done with a black crayon that the casino supplies for this reason.
Open An open system is the antonym of a closed system. Players can place additional wagers at any moment until the next scheduled Keno draw.
Pay Table The chart specifies how much money a win is worth in detail.
Punch Outs The home's own provided sample document. A punch-out is an identical duplicate of your original Keno ticket with all the drawn numbers removed. Incredibly, this streamlines the process of identifying winning tickets for the participants. It may be used by simply laying it over your passport and seeing which holes reveal the relevant information.
Random Number Generator A system used to generate draws at random in video Keno games, utilised by both land-based and virtual casinos. A technology that may be used to run Keno and other casino games impartially and surprisingly.
Spot In the context of Keno, this word refers to any of the indicated numbers on a ticket.
Ticket Wagering slip is used in the Keno game. Players can mark their positions and select their stake size on a grid with eighty numbers (from one to eighty). After placing a bet, the player should be provided with a copy.
Tournament The host casino provides a standard Keno setup. Every participant in a tournament plays a number of games for the chance to win a pot of money. One of the most significant ways to mix things up is to enter a Keno tournament, which is a very different experience from playing Keno at home.
Way Ticket Any Keno ticket with more than one wager.
Writer An employee of the casino who works directly with the Keno patrons. A Keno operator's duties include taking in completed tickets, generating the official electronic token, collecting bets, and paying out winners. Make sure to distinguish these workers from actual vendors.
Most Popular Online Keno Providers in Ontario

Most Popular Online Keno Providers in Ontario

Choose Keno games only from the best providers:

  • PlayTech casino games are well-known for their extensive library. PlayTech continually innovates for casinos that use its software by creating new games. Suppose a PlayTech casino wants to be on our recommended list. In that case, it has to provide excellent customer service, accept various payment methods, include exciting promos and generous bonuses, and be optimised for mobile play
  • NetEnt has been there since the very beginning of online casino gaming, and, in that time, it has earned a reputation as one of the Web's best producers of no-download software. Few online casino software design businesses can compete with the lifelike experience that greets you at NetEnt online casino sites
  • Players have been playing online casinos from the first site powered by Games Global software. In that time, many players have learnt about the finest casino sites that provide fantastic bonuses and promotions, ideal withdrawal rates, and customer care


Keno games are quick, exciting, and provide the chance to win big money. You'll find them in gaming establishments across Canada, played on bar-top consoles that also house video poker. The most reputable and well-known names in online gambling also provide Keno games. They are categorised with other instant games, including Bingo, Slingo, online betting, and scratch cards.

To play Keno, you must select your preferred numbers and see how many you can match. This long-standing classic has been upgraded with new features, including a jackpot bonus game and a new theme. Play a variety of thrilling Keno games at Canadian online casinos now.


What is Keno?

Keno is a lottery game with 80 numbers. Players pick up to 20 numbers and bet on the next game's draw. The player wins real money by guessing more numbers correctly.

Are online Keno games fair?

Keno uses a random number generator like other games. Therefore, every number called is random. Playing at our suggested third-party-audited Keno casinos may help you relax.

Where is the best place to play online casino Keno?

We propose our listing of online Keno casinos for a beautiful experience. Our crew tested them for security, fairness, Keno game variety, and great bonuses.

What are Keno's odds of winning?

Your odds depend on how many numbers you pick and capture. Hit the only number you chose 1 in 4 times. Hitting 2 of 4 digits has a realistic chance of 1 in 4.70, compared to 1 in 326.43 for striking all four.

Will I have to pay taxes on my winnings?

Wins are tax-free, but there are still steps to take after receiving the money. The interest your savings produce is subject to income tax if you receive any of it.

Can I play free Keno before wagering real cash?

Yes. After registering, most gambling sites provide demos or free online casino games. Before betting real money, play free Keno to learn the strategy and become acclimated to the game.

Can I play Keno online on my mobile or tablet?

Mobile devices like the iPhone and Android both support Keno games. So just go with the flow and have a good time whenever and wherever you choose.

Are there progressive Keno jackpots?

Yes. Bonus Keno from NetEnt offers a progressive jackpot. Sometimes triggered randomly, this jackpot is usually won in a bonus game.